In today’s throwaway society a wedding can come in high at the top of the scrap-heap in terms of wastage. After the big day is over there can be a large list of things to be disposed of or sold on. But there is good news; today’s environmentally conscious bride has another choice when it comes to decoration that is more ethical and more sustainable. Hiring!

With a vast range of handpicked delightful vintage items and furniture all in one place, raring and ready to create your perfect venue setting you get the fun of being able to style and tailor the entire décor for your wedding or event.

And what’s more… no traipsing up and down the country scaling shops to piece together your dream, and no hassle or worry packing them all up and trying to sell them on afterwards. Perfect!

Why is hiring more ethical and sustainable than buying new items?

  • Hiring helps reduce the carbon footprint of your event
  • Hiring uses existing products so there is no new energy or new natural resources used in manufacturing
  • Hiring encourages quality products over quantity
  • Hiring reduces your packaging and waste
  • Hiring means the items travel less miles which reduces carbon been emitted in its transportation

So if you can imagine how good it will feel to not only put on the most amazing event but do your bit for Mother Earth as well, imagine no more!

Vintage Silk specialises in making this a reality for you with our wide range of super unique, vintage props you will be spoilt for choice! From handmade outdoor lawn games for all the family to enjoy (if you are a child of the 80’s like me then our giant Guess Who will be a firm favourite!) to our classic seaside coconut shy, and of course no British wedding would be complete without a game or two of croquet on the lawn (As well as bringing that all important regal touch darling for your overseas guests to enjoy).

wedding prop hire norfolk

Your only plan should be to party. You do not want to be worrying about creating your dream decor a year prior to your event, which is why we have done the work for you and chosen the most beautiful, stylish, and eclectic pieces of bespoke furniture… we have searched far and wide to collect only the most classic pieces, and the best part is you don’t even have to worry about the transportation! Tick! Tick!

At Vintage Silk we not only have out door games galore, but table and place settings for every taste and style tailor made for you and yours … from summer fresh white plates, to crystal glasses, we have autumnal reds, oranges, golden brass candle stick holders …. we really do have a place setting to suit every unique, eco, quirky or taste, be it understated or truly bohemian! We want to create your dream day and we will work with you to create and ensure your wildest decor dreams come true!

Our wedding props are a cost effective and sustainable means of adding style and beauty to your event that even Greta Thunberg would be proud to attend (by boat obviously!).